Our History

RI District 3780 consists of all the 104 Rotary clubs in Quezon City as of 30 September 2016. It became a separate district in RY 1987-88 during the term of PDG Jesus “Jess” Laxamana. It was in that Rotary year when District 380 was divided into D377, which covers all the clubs from Aparri to Bulacan; D378, all clubs in Quezon City; and D380, all clubs covering the outlying towns of Rizal, including Valenzuela, Malabon, Navotas, Marikina, Mandaluyong, Pasig, up to Morong. PDG Jess Laxamana may therefore be considered as the “charter governor” of the district.

It was, however, in RY 1992-93 that Rotary International officially gave D378 its four digit identification, “D3780,” during the time of PDG Melito “Bimbo” Salazar.

To better appreciate our Rotary roots, we should look back to RY 1918-19 when Rotary first came to Asia and planted its seed on Philippine soil with the chartering of the Rotary Club of Manila, the first Rotary club in Asia. RC Cebu and Iloilo would follow in RY 1932-33. These three Philippine clubs were directly under the RI president and the RI Board of Directors. In RY 1934-35, the 5th South Pacific Conference was held in Manila with Paul Harris himself in attendance.

In RY 1936-37, RI adopted a redistricting program. District 81 was created for the 22 clubs in China and Hong Kong together with the three clubs in the Philippines. The following year, District 81 was changed to District 96 and Carlos P. Romulo was elected as 3rd vice president of RI. He was the first Filipino to occupy a RI post.

The next Rotary year, 1938-39, District 81 was created for the eight clubs in the country and Carlos P. Romulo served as RI director. The eight clubs were however disbanded during World War II and readmitted in RY 1944-46. Gil Puyat of RC Manila was appointed as the first Filipino governor for District 81 in RY 1946-47.

The Philippine district was changed from District 81 to District 48 in RY 1950-51 and again in RY 1957-58 it was changed to District 385. In RY 1964-65, District 385 was divided into District 380 for Luzon and Palawan and District 385 for Visayas, Mindoro and Mindanao.

In RY 1977-78, District 380 was divided anew into District 380 and 382. In RY 1984-85, District 380 was again split into Districts 379 and 380.

In RY 1986-87, PDG Mat Caparas of RC Kaloocan was elected RI president. During his term, two other significant events took place: the birth of the Rotary Village Corps (now Rotary Community Corps) and women were admitted into Rotary clubs in the United States.

As earlier mentioned, it was also during this Rotary year that District 380 was divided again into three: District 380, District 377 and District 378. District 378 which is composed of all Rotary clubs in Quezon City is now District 3780. Before this redistricting, PDG Pros Crescini served as the last governor of the undivided District 380.

In RY 1988-89, the doors of Philippine Rotary were opened to women. District 3780 welcomed two ladies who were inducted almost at the same time. These were former Senator Nikki Coseteng of RC Diliman and PP Delia “Deboy” Barcelona of RC New Manila Central.

PDG Bobby Viray made history in District 3780 when he assumed the governorship for the second time from DGE Boy Mendoza, who met an untimely death in 2003.

Some of the district’s past district governors were elected to chair the Philippine College of Rotary Governors (formerly Philippine College of Governors), an aggrupation of Council of Governors from the 10 Philippine Rotary districts. They are: Past District Governors Jess Laxamana, Bimbo Salazar, Mar Nery, Ambo Gancayco and PDG Pete Morales, Jr. The latter served for two consecutive Rotary years. Many others served as officers or directors in the college.